Bucha is not a hoax

Putin is claiming that the bodies we’ve seen in Bucha and elsewhere were planted after the Russian army were driven out of the area. The New York Times used satellite imagery and showed definitively that the murders had to happen during the Russian occupation.

That link should get you past the paywall for at least a week or two. Their work is well worth looking at. It’s meticulous.

ETA: The Washington Post has a detailed account of the brutality visited on the people of Chernihiv, a city which has been returned to Ukranian control, though there is great concern that the Russian army may return. Hard to read, but important (also a non-paywalled link, at least for a while).

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War crimes

I am not going to post the pictures or video coming out of Bucha now that the Russians have retreated. The barbarism shown, pictures and video showing dead bodies of tortured citizens, can be easily found on Twitter, and you really should look if you can bear to. Though as the tweet below says, Zelenskyy’s face tells the tale.

Chef Andrés and World Central Kitchen are in Ukraine feeding refugees. He has been traveling the areas around Irpin and Bucha, and while he is clearly sad and disturbed by what he’s seen, WCK has no intention of leaving.

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Thank the journalists

…who go into harm’s way so that we can see what is happening in the war zone.

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Trump is a traitor

His only concern is for himself.

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The Jan. 6th Investigative Committee

I really look forward to the public hearings this spring. They certainly have plenty to investigate about that day and all that led up to it (gift link, no paywall).

While we wait, this is worth listening to.

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Breadbasket of Europe

Chris Hayes had a segment on the danger of famine that Europe, Asia, and Africa are likely to face with the loss of Ukraine’s wheat crop. The area under siege is often called the world’s breadbasket, since Ukraine and Russia supply almost a third of the world’s barley and wheat supply. Obviously those crops will be crushed this year, and prices are already spiking.

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This extraordinary woman

Ketanji Brown Jackson is, not surprisingly, more qualified than any recent candidate for the Supreme Court. Seeing the way Republicans treated her yesterday was disgusting, disturbing, horrible. That she sat calmly and responded with dignity was no surprise, but still beautiful to see.

At least we had some moments like this one.

And also this very passionate moment from Cory Booker.

KBJ was so moved that tears came to her eyes. And Sherrilyn Ifill had a lovely take on that moment.

You should also read Elie Mystal’s report on the day. We will all be honored when she takes her rightful place on the Court. ETA: You can see more of Cory Booker’s statement to Judge Jackson here.

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Mariupol in ruins

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The city of Kherson, like Mariupol, is near the Black Sea in southern Ukraine. Russia has made a heavy push along the Sea and early on took control of Kherson, at least nominally. As it turns out, and as predicted, overrunning a city militarily is very different from holding it in occupation indefinitely.

And the citizens clearly do not want the Russians in their city.

Russian soldiers responded with guns and tear gas. Civilians were wounded.

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