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Did you realize that Obama cut taxes

One of the weirdest things about this very weird political season is that Republicans are excoriating President Obama for raising taxes. But he didn’t. A big part of the stimulus package was a tax cut for 95% of working families. … Continue reading

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Watch them burn

The most shocking story of the day is up at Think Progress: Tennessee County‚Äôs Subscription-Based Firefighters Watch As Family Home Burns Down . Seriously, Obion County has a subscription-based fire department that only covers those who subscribe, rather than the … Continue reading

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Tax cut receipt

Via Ezra Klein, I found this link to a Third Way proposal (PDF file) for a taxpayer receipt that would show how your portion of federal taxes is split among different government functions. This is the example they give: I … Continue reading

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Tax Cut fight

I like this very much. It’s the clearest presentation I’ve seen of what’s at stake in the fight over the Bush-era tax cuts. I wish the White House had put this out weeks ago. Maybe then I wouldn’t have heard … Continue reading

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