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Lovely day

And we rejoiced…

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Just waitin’ on tomorrow

*Sneak Peek!* Check out our art installation of nearly 200,000 state and territory flags accompanied by 56 pillars of light 🤩 We can’t wait for this to be showcased on #InaugurationDay! pic.twitter.com/CzohtSJSmA — Biden Inaugural Committee (@BidenInaugural) January 19, 2021

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It’s official…

I endorse Joe Biden! And so do all these politicians, including many of my most admired like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Not that I expect to swing a lot of votes here. But Mr. J and I turned our … Continue reading

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Biden/Harris 2020

This choice works for me. We’ll have to keep pushing them in a progressive direction, but isn’t that always the case? And I do love this ad from her Presidential run.

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Elizabeth Warren endorses Joe Biden

The Los Angeles Times thinks her endorsement will matter. …One of the central messages of her Biden endorsement is that this election is about governing. Unlike President Trump, who was uniquely unprepared among American presidents for the crisis he now … Continue reading

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