All you need to know about me is at my main web site. And I wrote this when I started this blog.

Here is the RSS 2 feed for this blog.

Find me elsewhere:

As always my online home is the Well, but I can’t recommend it unless you really love text and you have a lot of time to spare.

I hang out on Twitter a lot and don’t plan to leave any time soon.

With Twitter potentially dead any day, I may end up on Mastodon. Currently with my Well friends . My account is still alive while I figure out where to land permanently if Twitter goes. You might also bump into me on Bluesky, where I am .

I keep posts and memes on Tumblr, and photos on Flickr (mostly of my garden). You can find me on Facebook (though not often, as I don’t like the place). I have a few friend groups on Discord where I am #jnfr6948. I am also Kytelae on Instagram and Weverse, but have barely said a word in either place.


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