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Best reads

This week, try these three. Harold Myerson at the American Prospect, on a new labor alliance in California. L.A. Story, The Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy: a new model for American liberalism? From reporters at the Arkansas Times, … Continue reading

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A new day for Egyptians

Welcome to democracy! I hope it goes well for you all. In honor of new beginnings, here is a young Egyptian woman speaking at the beginning of the protests. “Meet Asmaa Mahfouz and the vlog that Helped Spark the Revolution”. … Continue reading

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Dying for Freedom

As in Iran, now in Egypt, news people are reporting that some numbers of protesters have been killed. My best wishes go with the people who risk themselves for their human rights. I hope our government supports them in their … Continue reading

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For me, at least, the winding down of this war demands a great scream of outrage, a reflection of the scream that has pounded through my own head from the night I sat up and watched the “shock and awe” … Continue reading

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