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Listen to Politics Girl

She’s right about what our approach to this election must be. Enough defeatism. These people are terrible. Let’s crush them. — PoliticsGirl (@IAmPoliticsGirl) May 8, 2022

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Speak clearly

Speak the truth. If you watch one thing today make it this — Adam Parkhomenko (@AdamParkhomenko) April 19, 2022

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Gov. Abbott closing the border

Aiming for maximum damage with which to blame Biden. this needs to be spread everywhere — (@MeidasTouch) April 13, 2022

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For the weekend

Let’s sit with this entirely necessary palate cleanser. Bless you, Senator Schatz.

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Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson will join the Supreme Court as an Associate Justice later this year. Congratulations, Judge Jackson! — Brenna Parker (@BrennaParker46) April 7, 2022 A remarkable, important, uplifting day for our nation.

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This extraordinary woman

Ketanji Brown Jackson is, not surprisingly, more qualified than any recent candidate for the Supreme Court. Seeing the way Republicans treated her yesterday was disgusting, disturbing, horrible. That she sat calmly and responded with dignity was no surprise, but still … Continue reading

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Wonderful to see this

Last night, in the middle of so many terrible things going on in the world. These two beautiful women at the pinnacle of power make me very happy.

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Time to get to work

The moment you've been waiting for is here: our first campaigns of 2022 are LIVE! We'll be stockpiling these letters and mailing them all in late October, so keep your letters in a safe place until then. Go to … Continue reading

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President Biden Speaks on the events one year ago

And he speaks very well indeed.

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The important point

This should be the main headline on every news site, from now until the planet burns. But it’s not of course, and that’s a shame. At least we have Sludge to point out the truth for us.

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