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What abortion looks like in every state, right now — dashboard by The 19th.

Planned Parenthood — a primary source of women’s reproductive healthcare.

Abortion on Demand — “Abortion is still legal in all 23 states we serve. We are still scheduling patients without interruption.”

Carafem — offering many reproductive health services, including both medication and surgical abortions.

INeedAnA — find clinics immediately open near you.

Plan C — abortion pills by mail. They provide information about mail-forwarding and other options for women who live in states with oppressive abortion laws.

Abortion Telemedicine — “Our healthcare providers can prescribe abortion pills through telemedicine in the first trimester (13 weeks)”

Women on Web — request abortion pills. A service of Women on Waves. International organization helping women in many countries.

Three for Freedom — birth control, emergency contraception, medication abortions in all 50 states.

Reproductive Health Access Project — How to order mifepristone.

Just the Pill — Abortion pills delivered, also consultations and mobile services.

Mayday Health — Educational nonprofit with info on how to access abortion medication in all 50 states.

Aid Access — Abortion pill consults by mail. HQ’d in Austria. Uses overseas pharmacies.

M+A Hotline — Miscarriage and abortion hotline.

SASS — Self-Managed Abortion; Safe & Supported.

Baltimore Abortion Fund — Request an Emergency Contraceptive Kit (Plan B)

SEXUAL AND REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH RESOURCE SHEET — Scan the QR codes with your mobile camera application to be taken to the desired web site. All blue-colored texts are clickable.

National Network of Abortion Funds — Abortion funds help women who live in states where abortion is prohibited. NNAF hosts an ActBlue account which shares donations with multiple abortion funds around the country.

Digital Defense Fund — Keep Your Abortion Private & Secure. Organized into different security-related threats.

Reproductive Justice — The Electronic Frontier Foundation gives tips on digital safety for providers and for people seeking abortions.

Abortion Access Front — for activists. “Wanna protect abortion access but don’t know how?” Also home to the Feminist Buzzkills podcast.

Hey Jane — Want to take action? Join the Un-Whisper Network.

If/When/How — Repro Legal Helpline. “…you may have questions about self-managed abortion, or judicial bypass, and the law. We can help. We are not a source of abortion pills, and can not tell you where to buy or how to take abortion pills.”

Keep Our Clinics — The Keep Our Clinics campaign provides funding to independent clinics to cover tangible expenses like increased security, building repairs, legal fees, and community education and advocacy.

National Abortion Federation — supporting abortion providers.

Podcast: The Resurgence of the Abortion Underground

“The Janes”: Meet the Women Who Formed a Collective to Provide Safe Abortions Before Roe v. Wade