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National Network of Abortion Funds – help women who live in states where abortion is prohibited. NNAF is hosting an ActBlue account which shares donations with multiple abortion funds around the country.

Planned Parenthood. One of the primary sources for women’s reproductive healthcare of all kinds.

What abortion looks like in every state, right now — dashboard by The 19th.

Abortion on Demand provides abortion pills. “Abortion is still legal in all 22 states we serve. We are still scheduling patients without interruption.”

Carafem, offering many reproductive health services, including both medication and surgical abortions.

Plan C offers abortion pills by mail. They provide information about mail-forwarding and other options for women who live in states with oppressive abortion laws.

Women on Web: request abortion pills. A service of Women on Waves. International organization helping women in many countries.

Three for Freedom — birth control, emergency contraception, medication abortions.

Reproductive Health Access Project — order mifepristone.

Just the Pill — also consultations and mobile services.

Mayday Health — Educational nonprofit with info on how to access abortion medication in all 50 states.

Aid Access — Abortion pill consults by mail.

M+A Hotline — Miscarriage and abortion hotline.

SASS — Self-Managed Abortion; Safe & Supported.

Hey Jane — “Join us in the fight to protect and expand abortion access.”

Reproductive Justice — EFF on digital safety tips for providers and for people seeking abortions.

If/When/How — Repro Legal Helpline. “…you may have questions about self-managed abortion, or judicial bypass, and the law. We can help. We are not a source of abortion pills, and can not tell you where to buy or how to take abortion pills.”

Keep Our Clinics — The Keep Our Clinics campaign provides funding to independent clinics to cover tangible expenses like increased security, building repairs, legal fees, and community education and advocacy.

National Abortion Federation — supporting abortion providers.

Podcast: The Resurgence of the Abortion Underground

“The Janes”: Meet the Women Who Formed a Collective to Provide Safe Abortions Before Roe v. Wade