Oops. Tumblr.

Hi folks. I’ve made a big mess of the blog by importing what turns out to be more than I expected from my Tumblr. I’ll spend some time cleaning up over the next few days. Sorry about the dust and … Continue reading

New host!

Just moved to a new host, and took a day to get the old content in. I’ll be playing with the site design. Don’t be alarmed! ETA: I seem to have lost a bunch of photos. They may or may … Continue reading

Not done yet!

Slowly, slowly, adding in the content. More this weekend, more next week. I can’t figure out how to get my Flickr badge to work!

Well, okay then

I’ve got the database sorted out, but not the look. And I haven’t figured out how to add my widgets and other straight HTML into the sidebar. But I will!