Elizabeth Warren endorses Joe Biden

The Los Angeles Times thinks her endorsement will matter.

…One of the central messages of her Biden endorsement is that this election is about governing. Unlike President Trump, who was uniquely unprepared among American presidents for the crisis he now confronts, Biden has a lifetime of experience in public service and specific experience helping to steer the United States out of a deep recession: the 2008-09 meltdown triggered by the subprime mortgage collapse.

“I saw him up close, doing the work, getting in the weeds,” says Warren, who helped the Obama administration design and set up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau during that period, and can you imagine anyone describing the current, white-paper-averse occupant of the White House as “getting in the weeds”? Or depicting Trump, as Warren said of Biden, as someone “never forgetting who we were all there to serve”?….

Here is the endorsement:


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