It’s official…

I endorse Joe Biden! And so do all these politicians, including many of my most admired like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

Not that I expect to swing a lot of votes here. But Mr. J and I turned our ballots in today at an official Colorado dropbox (the local library). And on Saturday we will mail out our letters for the Big Send, trying to get voters to the polls in swing states.

And then we wait, along with everyone else who has already voted, to see what our country decides to become.

At least from Oct. 23-25 we can distract ourselves by attending the virtual version of MileHiCon that is still going on this year. Thanks to everyone who will work so we can have that pleasure at least.

Do take care of yourself in this terrible waiting time. I don’t know how you’re doing, but I am pretty stressed, and trying to stay relaxed as I can. I will be on Twitter regularly, and back on the blog once we reach the other side.


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