Warren in Washington Square

She had an excellent rally there last night. She spoke on eliminating government corruption as her first priority once in office.

It went on for two hours, and the entire speech is available on YouTube.

Buzzfeed also had a good report: At Her Biggest Rally, Elizabeth Warren Laid Out A Model For Her Own Kind Of Movement.

At the marble arches that stand atop this lower Manhattan landmark, a crowd of an estimated 20,000 people on Monday night wielded signs about “big structural change.” Introductory speakers told the crowd that Democrats didn’t just need the energy of a “blue wave” — but “a plan.” And Warren, invoking the story of the nearby factory fire that set off a wave of feminist activism in 1911 and helped lead to the New Deal, outlined a theory of change that combines movement-driven pressure “from the outside” with the tactical power of a leader working the system “from the inside.”

Polling continues to look good, and I keep sending her bits of money.


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