Unions and the Tea Party are united on trade

When it comes to free trade treaties, workers in this country are very skeptical. In fact a new NBC/WSJ poll finds that 65% of union members and 61% of Tea Party sympathizers say that free trade has hurt the U.S.

I think there are some sectors in the U.S. that have benefited from free trade treaties. Certainly stockholders and CEOs have become fabulously wealthy as they chased cheap labor and poor environmental standards around the globe. But the race to the bottom has hurt U.S. workers, who are now consistently being told that they need to accept the “new reality” of flattened income and stagnant living standards.

I wish we could somehow reach past the cultural issues that divide workers on the left and the right, and see the basic economic issues that affect us all. Yes, there is class warfare going on in this country, and the wealthy are winning it.


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