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The patience and empathy of healthcare workers, as expressed in the post just below, is one response to the idiots who remain unvaccinated and who will therefore, with great certainty, end up with COVID and likely become quite ill. But my own feelings are much closer to those expressed in this blog post by The Rude Pundit.

Why We’re So Fucking Angry at the Unvaccinated

…We’re furious. We’re furious at adults who made adult decisions that fucked it all up. We’re furious that, after all the shit they’ve done to fuck up this country by voting for Trump, they won’t do this one goddamn thing by getting the vaccine that Trump is legitimately partially responsible for getting developed so quickly. So this was your win, and you refused to take the W….

We’re fucking angry because we were legit so fucking close to being over this virus. If vaccinations had continued at the rate they were going in the first part of the year, we’d be at herd immunity. But rather than that actual freedom, you fucknuts think that you have the “freedom” to go around spreading Covid to whoever the fuck gets in your ignorant way and you call that a constitutional right. No, it’s not. It’s not your right to spread a disease that might kill even 1 out of 100 people who get it….

But most of all, we’re angry at how easy this could have all been. The vaccines were done. They were rolled out pretty damn smoothly and quickly. I can’t get past how such a simple, common thing like getting a vaccine became a war. It’s so ludicrous. It’s so goddamn ludicrous. How can you look at case after case of people who were against the vaccine who now are sick or dead and still cling to that belief? That makes you such a fool. You’re wrong. You’re just so fucking wrong about everything here….

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