Deb Haaland for Interior Secretary

“I acknowledge that we are on the ancestral homelands of the Nakochtank, Anacostan, and Piscataway people.”

Above is her opening statement. Tom Udall and Mark Udall say, in USA Today:

Rep. Haaland’s nomination is both historic and long overdue. If confirmed, she would be the first Native American Cabinet member. Her record is in line with mainstream conservation priorities. Thus, the exceptional criticism of Rep. Haaland and the threatened holds on her nomination must be motivated by something other than her record.

Of course as a woman she gets more scrutiny, even more so as an Indigenous woman.

Today she will continue her time in confirmation hearings. You can follow along on C-SPAN, or read the live blog at Indian Country Today.

I can’t think of anyone better to steward our public lands.


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