Trostyanets and Borodyanka

The atrocities Russia is perpetrating are not just in Bucha.

From the Guardian:

‘Barbarians’: Russian troops leave grisly mark on town of Trostianets

On a two-day visit to the town, the Guardian found evidence of summary executions, torture and systematic looting during the month of occupation, but it will a take a long time to catalogue all the crimes the Russians committed in places like Trostianets.

Nate Mook also works with World Central Kitchen, and they have reached Trostyanets.

It’s not clear how many citizens were killed in Trostyanets. The Guardian says it may be over 50, but it will be a while before we know the full toll. That’s probably true in Borodyanka as well, because so many people left the city as the Russians came in. But as you can see in the video below, the city was crushed much as Bucha was.

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