Get your shots

As of today, vaccines across the U.S. are available to everyone 16 and older. This is a remarkable thing. I have to tell you I did not expect to reach this stage until mid- to late summer. And I am so happy to be here.

It may still take a while to get an appointment, but we are quickly reaching the time where there is as much or more vaccine than people who need it. So please, find your state’s information about how to sign up, check your local pharmacies, read up online or even make an actual phone call to your state’s public health department. They will have the information you need.

I am now fully vaccinated. Both Dolly shots and nearly three weeks past the second one, I should have 95% immunity, barring strange new variants which are still arising. Mr. J has had both shots of Pfizer, and we are waiting out his last week before he has full immunity too.

It’s a wonderful, freeing thing (though also a little scary). We look forward to slowly, slowly getting back out and about and continuing on with the long list of tasks we have not been able to do this year. Now we can meet up with (also vaccinated) friends, and do our own shopping, schedule some needed home repairs, and all the things that will hopefully feel more like the before times. I am sure as ever that there will be booster shots in the future, as this virus mutates so freely. But just like our yearly flu shots, we’ll manage to get it done.

We still intend to wear masks indoors. At least as long as such a huge amount of the virus is circulating, and mutating, through the world. The more people who are vaccinated, the more that tide will subside. That will be the best phase yet.

I hope you join us in vaccinated land. It’s nice over here, even with the nervous feelings. And there are more of us here every day.


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