What’s really going on

From a comment in the NYTimes:

Letter to the Peasants of America from the Top 2%,

You asked, Where did all the money and jobs go? We took the money. We can never have enough. We shipped the jobs overseas. We started international corporations where we seek out the cheapest labor and the least stringent regulations. We Invested in scams which produced nothing but debt for you.

We crashed the economy. Now Americans are just as desperate to have a low paying job as anywhere else in the world. We arranged the largest theft in history and stuck you with the bill.

We set up offshore businesses and accounts. We deposited our money in Swiss and Cayman Island banks. We bought enough politicians and judges to write the laws. We implemented free trade, free markets, low taxes for us, and no taxes for our corporations.

We used the military (you pay for) to take over any competition thatcan’t be stolen or bought. We will destroy anyone in our way.

We bought TV networks, radio stations, newspapers, and Internet providers. We propagandized our point of view to convince enough of you to vote against your own interest. We will go after civil rights, education, environmental laws, unions, Healthcare, Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare …any group or law that stands in the way of us controlling the economy and government. This allows us to profit as much as possible. That’s our goal. That is all that matters.

Looking down on you.
The Top 2%


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