Disapproval of the health care bill

A new poll reinforces something I’ve discussed before on this blog, that the majority “disapproval” of the Affordable Care Act is not because a majority wants to repeal the bill or disapproves of government involvement in regulating health care. The poll is from the Associated Press-GfK poll, and it finds that while 37% want the bill completely repealed, another 36% want to bill expanded with more changes to our health care system, like a public option.

This is in line with my own anecdotal experience as well. I hang out with mostly leftist types and many of them remain furious that the bill passed without a public option and with so many benefits for the insurance companies. And I find it hard to disagree with that. The insurance companies add nothing useful to the mix and are a big cost drain on the system. I understand why the bill passed in the form it did, and I continue to believe it is a good step towards a better system, but I’d gladly support changes to strengthen health care in this country and decrease costs by removing insurance companies from the mix.

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