For me, at least, the winding down of this war demands a great scream of outrage, a reflection of the scream that has pounded through my own head from the night I sat up and watched the “shock and awe” bombings that began the thing . Wrapped in every form of death, degradation, and corruption, the War in Iraq is and always will be a a stain on our national history, an emblem of hubris and greed.

The President can’t say any of that, and probably wouldn’t even if he felt he could. He’s a milder person than I am. He aims for accommodation and tolerance, and in the case of this war, and of the sins of the Bush Administration, I simply and completely believe he is wrong.

But I’m glad that at least most of our troops are home, and I hope that Obama will keep his further promise to bring the rest of our citizens back as well. The screams will have to be left for others of us to carry.


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