Into the Light

Virtual flowers and all best wishes to Molly Ivins as she goes. From the WILPF mailing list:

I’m sorry the news I bring is so dire, but many are wondering: Molly Ivins is indeed losing her fight with cancer. She’s out of the hospital and back at home, on life support with organ failure. She is lucid some of the time, and spending her last hours with close friends and relatives.

She asks that no more flowers or cards be sent as she is overwhelmed, and certainly visitors are a burden at this point (she knows you are with her in spirit). Please send prayers, love, good wishes…

UPDATE: And now they are reporting that Molly has died. Fare thee well, you wonderful woman! You did good work.
UPDATE: The Texas Observer remembers Molly with incredible pictures and words.
UPDATE: Molly’s last column: Stand Up Against the Surge


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