Keep the Internet equal for all

Learn about Net Neutrality. This is important for everyone, no matter your political leanings.

If Net Neutrality is gutted, Google, eBay, and YouTube either pay protection money to companies like AT&T or risk that their sites process slowly on your computer. Comcast could intentionally slow access to iTunes, steering Internet customers its own music service. And the little guy with the next big idea would be muscled out of the marketplace, relegated to the “slow lane” of the information superhighway.

This isn’t just speculation — it’s already happened in places without Net Neutrality. Heck, AT&T’s CEO blatantly announced, “The Internet can’t be free.”

That’s why an Internet revolt has begun… Folks as diverse as Craig from Craigslist, MoveOn, Gun Owners of America, Google, eBay, and Amazon are all fighting back. 350,000 people signed a petition demanding Congress preserve Internet freedom, over 2,000 blogs have rallied the public, and even some celebrities are chiming in.

Craig Fields from Gun Owners of America hit the target right-on when he said

“Whenever you see people on the far left and far right joining together about something Congress is getting ready to do, it’s been my experience that what Congress is getting ready to do is basically un-American.”


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  1. Hi – thanks for drawing attention to this important issue. The Internet as we know it is truly at stake, and the time for those who value the Internet to take a stand in its defense. Thanks for blogging, and here’s more people can do.
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