Well down

SAT A.M. Update: Even though the status page doesn’t say so, picospan is back up. Engaged is not working yet. Afternoon last update: And Engaged is up now as well. Thus ends the Great Well Outage of 2006.
In case anyone wanders by looking for info, yes The Well is down. I am getting through to the home page intermittently, and it has this message:

System Down

We are experiencing major problems, and all systems are down. We do not yet know when we’ll be able to bring any systems up.

If you’re desperate for a place to post, you’re welcome to use the forums at World Turning. Heaven knows they’re empy enough.
UPDATE: Gail posted this over at Table Talk:

We had a big system malfunction that took out all of the well.com services last night. Our team’s working on it, but so far we don’t have an estimated time for restoring functionality.

So, nothing new, but wolfy is working on it.
UPDATE: System status is being updated on this Salon page. The latest update says:

Fri Apr 14 15:11:09 2006 Update: We expect to have well.com email back by approximately 7:00 pm Pacific Time (19:00:00) this evening. We expect to have PicoSpan access to conferences back by 10:00 pm. Web services are expected to be restored sometimes tomorrow. The cause of the outage was pinpointed as a malfunction produced by preparations for an upgrade.

More Update: A few folks are posting over in well.general, the old usenet group. Others are chatting on flickr.


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