Hello army.mil!

You’ve visited a lot in the last week or two. I hope you’ve found what you’re looking for.


Hello army.mil! — 6 Comments

  1. AMEDD is the Army Medical Department, if that helps any. Most likely Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio. AMEDD trains and administers health-care professionals; physicians, nurses, pharmacists, PAs, medical administrators, etc.

  2. Interesting. Whoever/whatever it was acted like a spider… scooped up all my pages in a few hundred short visits and then vanished. I guess I’m in a medical database now 🙂

  3. Totally off-topic, but I noticed you’re on Moveable Type. I’m using WordPress and am fairly underjoyed. How’s it to work with? WP is great as far as bells and whistles, but posting tools are pretty sparse (no spell check!). When I try to cut and paste from Word, I also end up having to spend a good deal of time cleaning up.

  4. I use Word Press on my other blog, and I actually like it more than this. The posting abilities are pretty crude on MT too, I’m afraid. And I don’t know much of anything that will cut and paste from Word without the clean-up – you might try dropping your text into Notepad first, I think that will drop the formatting crud.

  5. The Notepad idea’s good – I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. I’m really surprised that the two hotshot programs out there are so lame when it comes to posting tools. You’d think that everything else would be secondary to the actual posting abilities. Oh,well.
    Thanks for the conversation – I read you pretty regularly; though our opinions very rarely converge, there’s something very sincere, honest and oddly compelling about your posts and responses to comments. Good aura.

  6. That’s very kind of you to say, I appreciate it. I tend to post here mostly when something ticks me off. I’m much more even-tempered in real life 🙂