Historic day!

Today the first legal retail sales of marijuana are taking place in Colorado. Watching the news reports on the Denver Post’s new Cannabist liveblog, it sounds like everything is smooth and peaceful. Demand is strong and there may be shortages at some stores, but I’m sure that will all work out over time.

Here at our house, we’ve had legal weed for months, because I grow my own. In fact, my second crop is full of young buds now.

Young female buds

Both of my plants turned out to be female, so no pollen-gathering this time. After this crop I need to clear the shelf for my garden seedlings for spring and summer, so the next crop won’t start till June or July. Fingers crossed that we get a good supply from these. Still it is very nice to know that we can always waltz out and buy some bud, legally, any time we want to now.


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