Bill Moyers and NOW

I’ve spent the entire day trying to rip off my DVD of last night’s episode of Bill Moyer’s NOW, which was on media consolidation, and how the right wing has used the media. It’s essential watching, and it’s not available on PBS’s site, nor will it be rerun any time soon. So even though I’ve never done this before, I burned it to DVD from my TiVO and then after a laughably long time finally got it into an MPG file. Unfortunately the file ended up as 594 megs, and I don’t have that kind of bandwidth. So I’m still learning. But if you have a chance to see this, you really should. And if I can figure out how to stuff it into a smaller file size, I will. Because I wouldn’t normally rip off copyrighted material, but until PBS puts it online I would do so. It’s a show everyone should see.
This was Moyer’s last NOW, by the way.


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