Hypocrisy from the GetGo

So, the House is going to start out with a vote to repeal the affordable care act on Jan. 12. You can see the two-page bill here (.PDF file). It’s pretty amusing that in two pages of large double-spaced type, they manage to write “Job-Killing Health Care Bill” at least five times.

Also too: they have exempted themselves from their own CutGo promise and won’t account for the added $1 trillion the repeal would add to the deficit (according to CBO estimates). And while they complained mightily when Dems didn’t allow them amendments on bills brought to the floor, they don’t intend to allow any amendments (because the Dems want to embarrass them by making them vote to repeal specific, very popular aspects of ACA).

So, the Republican House majority is off to a smashing start, with hypocrisy and posturing all the way!


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