In His Own Words

Are you sometimes confused about where John McCain stands on Iraq? Is he a maverick standing up to Bush, or is he one of Bush’s staunchest supporters? Jed Lewison of the Jed Report has done us all a huge favor … Continue reading

It’s Really Very Simple

Barack Obama intends to bring the troops home from Iraq. John McCain, on the other hand, wants to maintain a permanent military presence there. Everything else is details, and while details matter, you shouldn’t let them obscure this basic, profound … Continue reading

Codpiece Day

It’s a sad occasion really, thinking back on the last five years of death, destruction, waste, incompetence and media collusion. Yes, that’s quite a package. … Continue reading

Matt Taibbi Speaks

And he speaks for me, too. Then there’s this whole business of liberals who are accused of “rooting” for failure in Iraq. I’m sorry, but the next pundit who whips that one out should have his balls stuffed down his … Continue reading