YearlyKOS Friday

Well I’m cranky cause the feed for the science panel is not working and I wanted to see that panel. AAR has the feeds mixed just as they did last night, and are also only showing two of the three … Continue reading

A great day for the free press

CNN just reported that they’ve received a restraining order, allowing them access to anything they want to cover. No government agency is going to hide things from them without a fight!

Cheerful news

Amid all the bad news from Iraq and the economy, one piece of really good news reached me today. Apparently the media are starting to notice that Bush is a very unpopular President, and most people dislike nearly all of … Continue reading

Dan Rather was right

You know, one thing that still burns me about this forgery story is that the underlying story was correct, but no one seems to care. And really, the underlying truth of how Bush evaded his military duty is the most … Continue reading

Bill Moyers and NOW

I’ve spent the entire day trying to rip off my DVD of last night’s episode of Bill Moyer’s NOW, which was on media consolidation, and how the right wing has used the media. It’s essential watching, and it’s not available … Continue reading