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Slowdown day



Today’s the day. The day you help save the internet from being ruined.


Yes, you are, and we’re ready to help you.

(Long story short: The FCC is about to make a critical decision as to whether or not internet service providers have to treat all traffic equally. If they choose wrong, then the internet where anyone can start a website for any reason at all, the internet that’s been so momentous, funny, weird, and surprising—that internet could cease to exist. Here’s your chance to preserve a beautiful thing.)


Please do it. This one is important. You may not think YOU are important (you are, by the way) but if your representatives know that you care about how they vote, and if you call, and the person before you calls, and the person after you calls… then they vote to keep the internet the way it is. 

DOOOO ITTTTTTTT (said in the reassuring voice of the thing under your bed when you were tiny)


Geek Aid

My friend Mike Knell of uffish.net is starting a new project he calls Geek Aid. He aims to get Geeks (web and IT workers, programmers, etc.) to donate one day’s pay per year to a charity fund, to be used … Continue reading


If you’re not using Firefox 1.0 for your web browser, you really should be. And once you have it, look in the extensions section for Flash Block and Adblock. You’ll thank me forever. … Continue reading